Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Back on the bike trail

Ohhhh it feels so great to be back on trail again, ok, so it maybe gloomy with patches of light rain .... But thats AOkay. 

Just being back on the bike on the open road, looking and feeling the massive hills  is just priceless. 

After a train ride to Darlington this pm, a quick interview with Star radio (Darlington) the open road through the rolling hills was great. Its been about a month and a half since my last adventure.... A month and a half too long in my books. 

Today, i had to stop due to failing light! Yes, it looked as though night was creeping in by 6.30pm! However, I have to say, at the campsite, i was greated by two stunning trail angels! Absolute genuine kindness and loveliness. It was a complete suprise/ totally unexpected and well i was just completely taken aback. Stephen and jacquiline - both so welcoming and generous and I cant wait to back there.

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