Friday, 12 August 2016

More rain....

If I am not a prune by the end of this journey, I would be suprised! I have to say, i just havn't seen so much rain at this time of year in Scotland! 
Sadly and fustratingly, i didnt make Wick today, its only about 10 mikes away, but night closes in early and with the gloomy outlook .... Car lights were on by 6pm. The hills today were ok, but just a number of them. I even had to get off my bike and push it a couple of times and even with that i struggled (yes, it really is heavy!!).  My bike is that heavy i have to pedal hard down the hills and put in quite a bit of effort. With the side bags like x2 parachutes with the overall weight of the bike, bags and me..... Its slow and heavy! 

Btw: Over the last couple of days i have been in x4 near misses with cars. Cars just dont seemto see bikes or tge riders! One was just a little bit too close as the face of the woman watching would indicate too. 

But at least i had company tonight ... 👏😀 the edged over slowly (after the initial herd run) .... And waited ... And stared .... It was only when i re-emmerged from my bivvi and we watched each other for 5 minutes that they decided to walk away 😀😀

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