Friday, 19 August 2016

With hands oh soooo soft.... Like marshmallows!

So this am i had a few things I needed to do in town .... So it was a late start.... I was on my bike at 11.15-11.30... By 11.35 I knew I was in for a tough day ... 

Rain started at 11.34, along with a bit of wind .... And I was only trundling along the A6 a month or so ago - an easy 50 miler.. Thats all

But there's the thing... Pain memory seems to be blocked oh so easily... And it was only after a nightmare of a ride (legs werent behaving today), a stop at a coffee shop in Shap (with a wonderful waitress that took one look at me and handed me a towel to dry myself off) and seeing the pass sign with 1400ft... That the memory of 'oh i am at this point again' came back. 
It was good to know that my legs were with me by this point. 
Pain, yes. But luckily i couldnt see the road or the hill ahead (yes, lots of rain and wind)... So it actually was ok... In a very ish and sortta way. 

Its facinating really - up until the pass sign ... My legs were wimpish and moaning (ok it was me)... But as soon as the sign was seen ... Head of dig in and lets just get this over with was started. 
Up, over, down and up the othersides and I have to say, it didnt seem as bad as  a month ago. Some progress I think. 
But tonight warm welcomes, hot showers at the campsite etc were needed and had. 

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