Tuesday, 3 March 2015

running up a skyscraper this time!

I have to say, my voluntary work with Crisis over Christmas really made me think and appreciate what I had. There were many stories and facts that I heard over the few days or so. They say that most homelessness is linked to a major event in life - a death, the loss of a job, a partner leaving, a tragedy  ... normally one trigger that starts the drinking or not being able to pay the bills or not being able to think straight.  The people who I met were my (and your) reflections - CEO of company's, solicitors, lawyers .... regular people like you and I who had an event that had knock on effects, that resulted in not being able to have the confidence or organisation (confusion reigns after such an event) to think straight ... then the landlord or government steps in demanding money, letters, taking homes away or the like.... so perhaps more drink and/or drugs are thrown into the mix .... before the street .....that initially provides a simple way of life with no demands, expectations and where confusion can remain without notice. 

So this time ... I ran up a skyscraper for Shelter - such a great organisation and great to be able to support them more ... this picture was just as I got to the top ... very proud to be wearing that t-shirt (although very shortly after this photo I had to sit down due to wobbly leg syndrome 😄).  it was darn hard work running up all those stairs ... was around the 100 girly mark .. so reasonable happy with that 😄