Sunday, 21 December 2014

This Sunday was a little different but one not to missed. the local nativity play held at the International Church of Christ - I have to say that it seems a very busy and importantly happy place to go.  I was so impressed - the kids were amazing and with so little time to prepare -but the singing from children and adults was amazing - chirpy, happy and celebratory.

Of course this was followed by Sunday lunch ....a lovely Sunday...

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dave Gorman

After a good day at the office - the day was finished off watching Dave Gorman live!

Very funny bloke and good to wind down and make the transition into the xmas season. However can I remember any of the clips? You betcha I can't 😄

Monday, 15 December 2014

cultural day ...

Today was a great day, gym in the morning followed by an afternoon in the Tate followed by great company and production at the National Theatre watching Behind the beautiful forevers by David Hare - great visually stimulating day ....

I do love heading into central London...

Saturday, 6 December 2014

frostbite 35 😄

Today was the day to test the hill legs across the Yorkshire dales ..... at the start of the day I though it was going to be a 30 miler ... but by the end of the day - it became clear that 35 miles was the real distance 😄. This is the second race that the number of miles have increased!! Great to do even if there was a lot of climbing/walking making it slower... although my feet were and are in pieces .... my muscles had a lot more to give .... definitely time to get a made to measure/ perfect fitting trail shoe .... as it was definitely the blisters that held me back on this trot.

Blisters started forming at mile 4 .... probably the earliest that they have ever formed ... but that's ok, 4 less nails to manicure ( I wonder if I will get a discount??😄😄 ) and performing mini blister ops on the feet are now reasonably executed these days 😄😰. The first cut off point was at mile 10 with 3 hours being the cut off time (because of the hills) ... but I was really chuffed that I got in at the 2 hour mark.

The ultra was superbly organised from start to finish, food, arrows ( so even I couldn't get lost), map, a wee tiple at mile 20, ultra friendly marshals who even after a day of standing at the top of the windy hills and moors had an amazing greeting all the way 😄 , soup and cake at the finish ... definitely one to go back again to.

Sadly I didn't take my camera .... so lots of missed opportunities for scenic shots but luckily others took theirs 😄.