Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh dear! Emma's on the blog.... quick, put in the disclaimer and health and safety warnings! 

Disclaimer:  I can guarantee that this blog will be full of factual inaccuracies and changing opinions as the journey progresses and therefore I happily wave my liability.  If you are a spelling or grammar guru ... then please step away from this blog ... that's right ... step away from this blog or carry out your own risk assessments.

Health and Safety: On your left there is some blurb and on the right there are some videos of completed runs and challenges. To the centre there is slightly different blurb about training, things I may or not have learnt and observations.  At the bottom of the page there are some more videos of some of the challenges to come - nicely packed away until the time comes to put them on the right hand side of the screen.

So far, on the right, I have put the 156miler Trans Britain Ultra Marathon video.  Clearly map reading and reading manuals is my forte and definitely someone you need to have in your back pocket if you ever get too comfortable with finding the right route - just call me GPS, give me 9 hours and I will put you back on track.  Trans Britain was fun though ... I don't think that I have giggled so much whilst running EVER!  I would recommend completing the Go Beyond Trans Britain if you are ever at a loose end and have 6 days (and x1 years training time) free.   

And so there it is ... too much giggling and actually getting to the end has resulted in the entering of the Lakeland 100miler (one stage) and fingers crossed for the wee UTMB trot across the mountains (go on ... have a look at what I am talking about at the bottom of the page!). Of course, I say 100miler ... but that's taking that I won't get lost along the way. Running across the mountains, in the dark, for 40 hours non stop should with my history pose no problem at all. Best I get training again - starting with the 20ish miler night run, in the Welsh mountains............