Sunday, 15 January 2012

Go Beyond : County to Capital - 45 miles from Wendover to Paddington.

After a crazy few days booking some runs at New Year, yesterday was the first long *cough* race. I say race, but really I mean getting to the checkpoints before the cut off time.  Last year I did the same race but only got to checkpoint 2 after running a 3 mile loop x3 times (yes 3 times) before heading up the right track.  However, with a working GPS and compass at the ready I only added less than 1/2 mile to the overall run.  I can't help but beam! 

At THE  'oh no .... I am back to the same point again', I stopped and took a moment before giggling and skipping up the hill towards checkpoint 2.... it was such a great feeling to know that I was on the right track and wasn't going to do a 9 mile loop.

Blisters on the feet were appearing and popping from checkpoint 2 (15 mile mark!) but you can't focus on them or even think about it because if you do .... then you will feel the pain in full which is guaranteed to get worse. It is the same with the muscles - they were starting to cease by mile 28 .... clearly they were desperate to let me know that I was being stupid to start the year with a 45mile run across the countryside .... and don't get them started about not taking poles! That said, although it was a slow trot is has refocused my need to go out and do more miles and more running with the gym thrown in on the side.

Ahhh, the best bit .... the finish.... I was greeted by the Go Beyond Team, flashing camera and the best massage ever (thank you).

Such a good feeling! Such a good day and importantly I finished.  

Time to rest until the 2 stage 90 mile event next weekend.  Hope the blisters heal in time!

I am now ready for Monday.