Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Abergavenny Three Peaks

Great to return back to Wales to trot around the three peaks of Abergavenny. Although they are not mountains .... the three altogether had an elevation of over 5000ft with a total mileage of about 30ish miles.  Weather was perfect and I even learnt some Welsh in double quick fashion. Pont Wan! (Sign next to a metal bridge) didn't initially appear to make sense until I was at the point of no return! A gaping hole in the middle of the very wobbly metal floor that even made me stop and think twice.
The rest of the trot was uneventful, apart from the  usual off piste adventures and landing up in the wrong town but I just expect these things to happen. Compass? Yes, I did have one but no I didn't think that I needed one (well until it was too late)..... Nae matter .... I was on holiday and so what if I arrived an hour or so after my ETA? The day was finished off with some excellent company, cold beer and interesting life stories. A grand day.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rap jumping in Stoke Newington, London - October 2012

Absolutely brilliant! Rap jumping is great... more than great in fact!  It really has a very different feel (cause you face down rather than up) than abseiling. Although it was only 150ft high .... my heart definitely added a couple of extra beats above what was needed to climb up the tower. Fun, pure original fun! Weighing up abseiling down a skyscraper and rap running ... I have to say rap running definitely had the extra edge! It was like eating a sugared doughnut without licking the lips...... running down the side of a tower holding a rope in your hands without squeezing the fingers (aka braking) is equally difficult especially when you jump out and away from the tower! Great fun .... Really great fun, I just wanted to go faster!! I have to say, what was really good was being able to have a go three times!  But I STILL need to find something that will get the heart really going and the knees knocking ..... I think I need to find something a little different..... height isn't the issue now..... Time to go underground.... next ..... potholing in December........ ;o)))))))))))


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ok, so this is it! Rap running down a 150ft tower! This has to be a blinking fantastic giggle and a half. Why? Well, when I abseiled down a sky scraper it didn't even make my heart flutter, skip a beat or speed up even a nano second! Result? Time to run face down, down a 150ft tower..... Ok, so this picture is just a building ... But it gives a flavour! ;o)))