Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rap jumping in Stoke Newington, London - October 2012

Absolutely brilliant! Rap jumping is great... more than great in fact!  It really has a very different feel (cause you face down rather than up) than abseiling. Although it was only 150ft high .... my heart definitely added a couple of extra beats above what was needed to climb up the tower. Fun, pure original fun! Weighing up abseiling down a skyscraper and rap running ... I have to say rap running definitely had the extra edge! It was like eating a sugared doughnut without licking the lips...... running down the side of a tower holding a rope in your hands without squeezing the fingers (aka braking) is equally difficult especially when you jump out and away from the tower! Great fun .... Really great fun, I just wanted to go faster!! I have to say, what was really good was being able to have a go three times!  But I STILL need to find something that will get the heart really going and the knees knocking ..... I think I need to find something a little different..... height isn't the issue now..... Time to go underground.... next ..... potholing in December........ ;o)))))))))))


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