Monday, 30 December 2013

Another year has sailed passed

This year has passed in a flash! Fond memories are gathered, put in the 2013 folder followed quickly with the annual rolling of the dice and bucket list selection - dib dib dib! ;o)))

2013 has been a grounding family focused year, pebbles, leaks, PES, LFMR and of course OJWHC ohhh and the bush made centre stage! ;o))))  Discerning is a good word for 2013 ... far more discerning....

How funny then that many years ago all I wanted to do was create and build a school with a unique philosophy with what I would see as ' the right way'... the 'best way'. Kid dreams are always good to reflect on....

Anyway, 2014 has to beat the 200+ mile coast to coast  solo trot in 7.5/7 days and the hilarious street luging that has been carried forward again into 2014 (yes it was that fun!).  Eyes to the sky has to be the theme for 2014 ....

Already booked for 2014 is learning how to make sushi in January (;o)) yes I know!), getting back into the driving seat at Silverstone, a spot of gliding in March and of course this year has to be the return to the mountain trails and skydiving arena that have been neglected for far too many months. I still haven't quite planned the summer holidays yet - there is a mountain and/or very long trek with my name on it ..... I just haven't found it .................yet!

So, even before 2013 comes to a close ....this year, I am more than prepared than ever for 2014! ;o)))

Monday, 12 August 2013

Coast to Coast! St Bees to Robin Hood Bay 200ish miles - going solo

A passing suggestion (hmmm yes, that's all it takes these days!!), a trotting passenger of 200ish miles, a giggling suitcase, standing on top of different mountains at dawn, misty moors, following a random male runner* for a 10 mile detour ;o))))))))))), a pressure blister, an old JW on hot coals, a few river dips, stunning t-shirt tan, passing many fantastic people, conversations and giggles with even more amazing people, cold beer at the end of each trot, 'heat wave' and of course not forgetting those who let me go. There are too many memories to put here - just ask the very kind and lovely London bus driver who just kept on laughing! ;o)))) 

Beach of St Bees - Starting point.
The starting point with two stones.
The only black and white stone that I could find ...
and the only yellow 'sun beam' flint stone
that I could find on the beach at St Bees.

My home for a few nights ;o))

This whole 200ish mile solo adventure was initiated by a passing RC who will never appreciate the impact.  This short journey went way beyond foot miles. Thank you ;o)))))).

  Ohh the  Cumbrian hills - amazing! This adventure lasted 7.5 days - it should have been 7 days but I was unable to carry enough water on one very hot day so had to split my 42 mile day into two! This of course has now resulted in me buying a cement mixer!... for the huge chip! ;o)))) 

Flat fields - hard underfoot - the sun was amazing! I was trotting between 25 - 35 miles per day (number of mountains in between pending) .... with a day around the 15 mark. Not a hint of stiff muscles during or after the trot! I arrived in most days early/ mid afternoon. - so made quite good time. 

Moors - adding to the variation.
Room with an amazing view ;o) shame about the midges in the morning ;o)))))))))
...and of course the woods too!



The finish- at Robin Hoods Bay - both rocks made it too!
 Robin Hood Bay! Quite an amazing feel.  Walking down to the beach and out to the water through crowds of people who had no idea that my (and many others) walk to the water had 200ish miles behind it. However, during the 200 miles ... life shifted in quite a profound way.......  
So what did I learn? Well that is a conversation for another day ;o)) but marker it left that's for sure ;o))

So much to say, so many memories, 10 mile detours and wonderful thoughts ... too many to write here although the passengers that had to sit next to me on the train back from Leeds to London may have a different take! ;o)))))).  ooops! luck of the draw ;o))))
*ok, so the male runner was part of a race across the moors to the coast - the race ( I had passed through some of their checkpoints) seemed to be on my path ..... so when I became lost on the map .... I followed.....and 10 miles later I found out that it was a race to another part of the coast!! ;o)))))))

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Street Luging! - Fun at its finest.

Street luging is off the wall fun! Ding dong! ;o))) Ok, so I must have been one of the most senior by about 25 years - but who says that you have to be 20 years old to lie on an oversized skateboard and scoot down a hill as fast as you can?

 2D pictures can't show hills and corners!!
After 'kitting up' with full leathers, helmet and 'army blister boots from the good old days' the first hour was on the flat getting used to turning/ weaving an ironing board on wheels through a few cones using my own body weight. We had to stop at the top of the real hill each time - otherwise the walk back up would be long and hard!

made it around the 90 degree turn! This time ;o)

 Then the real fun began.  Timed runs down the hill (individuals), followed by even more fun group mayhem (which I won one ... as I was only one of two that didn't crash - clearly I wasn't pushing it hard enough!!) followed by a girly competition of two (which of course I won).  I have to say that even though the group comp was mega fun .... the whole day from start to finish was a giggle. Even lunch was filled with mad stories of scars, daredevil stunts?!? and prediction of future fun.  The huge grin and reflection giggles didn't leave for a few days...
Can't wait to go back again!
So much fun as the video shows below:   Yes - I am the one in the front! ;o))))