Friday, 26 February 2016

And home 😀

Stunning performance on Friday, even though I was still jet lagged. However, with another two lined up next week ..... I feel as though I am home again.... Finally.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Life after the South Pole....

I have to say, life after the South Pole has been very different and not real life at all. After a night at the South Pole and two or so weeks enjoying the very relaxed life at Union Glacier enjoying first class food, sleeping too much and having too little exercise; it was time to start making tracks back home.  Recovery is what it was officially called but utter laziness is another name, especially as I was fit and ready to go after the first nights sleep.  Nonetheless, spending two weeks on the ice with truly brilliant people wasn't a hardship at all.

But goodbyes had to happen (yep my weakness again!) ... Jeeez I still hate goodbyes and have spent years avoiding them... But they just keep coming! Often I want to say so much but words seem to fail and seemingly not good enough....leaving me unable to say what i think and want to say. Hey ho i guess i just don't do goodbyes and that's the way it is!

So, a few hours on the elusion (with the best seat ever on lift off!!!) I arrived back on the mainland in Punta; 3 months 2 days after I arrived there. Ho hum.

After a few days planning the solo, booking Royal Festival Hall performances ( first one is on Friday and I cant wait!!), tomorrow at 6.15am I will leave Punta and fly home. 

So, whats next? 

Practical stuff to start off with, getting ready for the solo and finding sponsors, completing either CDT or LEJOG and the GCD (all in the name of training) and matters of renovating my flat need to be completed by October... So a full agenda.... But what I know is that i will be focusing on the life balance after 20 odd years focusing on the work feels great as I do- never better in fact! 

.... So more lessons learnt .... 😀

Monday, 22 February 2016

Summary of the life dream come true ... Skiing to the South Pole

Now put in the ' happy days' memory box 😀

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I made it!!! - February 1st

made it!!!!! I cant believe it!! Today I arrived at the South Pole.

Although the forecast was cloudy/overcast, it turned out to be the bluest sky without a cloud in the sky. I even got a frostnip that looked like a 'kiss' only after I had completed the 700 miles! It seems so serreal but I have to say, it has been the biggest challenge to date. The ski up to the silver ball and flags was uber emotional. 

Photos at the silver ball, a tour of the South Pole station and meeting the man behind the new screen whilst I was using my pee bottle!! (yep only me!!) 

It really hasnt sunk in yet and I am super tired so after a wee ale in the tent (yep I am actually going to sleep one night at the South Pole), its time for bed. 

However, there are so many people that have helped me get to this point. Firstly ALE - A fantastic organisation that started way back in April with Steve Jones. A huge thank you goes to Carl (guide 1) - who took me 8 degrees and imparted bags of knowledge and Pachi (guide 2) who stepped into the breech and ensured I got to the South Pole- with the extremes along the way, I wouldnt have seen the end. The Union Glacier crew - from Tim and the 'owners' who organised the late flight), Monica and the pilots, the catering crew and Chefs who cook THE best food ever (Ant, I am counting the hours til dinner already!), the cookie makers, housekeeping that ensured that I had a great weeks sleep, the medical crew/doctors for advice and ensuring that my cough etc didnt stop the expo, Dean and the comms crew - the names are endless - but it was great to overhear different voices at sked time and the daily weather forecast from Mark and Celine (always great to be prepared for a whiteout or -50 degrees. I cant thank the engineers enough (Eddie, I am still giggling about the peewee extension!) and the beers and fantastic roast shared at Theils - it was so awesome. I am sure that I have missed someone as there is a massive crew at UG and beyond in Punta and Salt Lake that make such a trip possible. Thank you all so much - each and every person mentioned above and beyond played a part in this journey - Thank you. 

I have also had a truly awesome support group of friends and family who have continued to support these mad adventures via different means. Continued messages of support, encouragement and checking in have been instrumental during the tough times - you know who you are and beers (or chocolate) will be on order when I get back in a few weeks time. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

My final deep thanks goes to my inspiration - my mother and father - who sent blue sky and a kiss at the pole........