Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Life after the South Pole....

I have to say, life after the South Pole has been very different and not real life at all. After a night at the South Pole and two or so weeks enjoying the very relaxed life at Union Glacier enjoying first class food, sleeping too much and having too little exercise; it was time to start making tracks back home.  Recovery is what it was officially called but utter laziness is another name, especially as I was fit and ready to go after the first nights sleep.  Nonetheless, spending two weeks on the ice with truly brilliant people wasn't a hardship at all.

But goodbyes had to happen (yep my weakness again!) ... Jeeez I still hate goodbyes and have spent years avoiding them... But they just keep coming! Often I want to say so much but words seem to fail and seemingly not good enough....leaving me unable to say what i think and want to say. Hey ho i guess i just don't do goodbyes and that's the way it is!

So, a few hours on the elusion (with the best seat ever on lift off!!!) I arrived back on the mainland in Punta; 3 months 2 days after I arrived there. Ho hum.

After a few days planning the solo, booking Royal Festival Hall performances ( first one is on Friday and I cant wait!!), tomorrow at 6.15am I will leave Punta and fly home. 

So, whats next? 

Practical stuff to start off with, getting ready for the solo and finding sponsors, completing either CDT or LEJOG and the GCD (all in the name of training) and matters of renovating my flat need to be completed by October... So a full agenda.... But what I know is that i will be focusing on the life balance after 20 odd years focusing on the work balance....it feels great as I do- never better in fact! 

.... So more lessons learnt .... 😀

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