Sunday, 21 July 2013

Street Luging! - Fun at its finest.

Street luging is off the wall fun! Ding dong! ;o))) Ok, so I must have been one of the most senior by about 25 years - but who says that you have to be 20 years old to lie on an oversized skateboard and scoot down a hill as fast as you can?

 2D pictures can't show hills and corners!!
After 'kitting up' with full leathers, helmet and 'army blister boots from the good old days' the first hour was on the flat getting used to turning/ weaving an ironing board on wheels through a few cones using my own body weight. We had to stop at the top of the real hill each time - otherwise the walk back up would be long and hard!

made it around the 90 degree turn! This time ;o)

 Then the real fun began.  Timed runs down the hill (individuals), followed by even more fun group mayhem (which I won one ... as I was only one of two that didn't crash - clearly I wasn't pushing it hard enough!!) followed by a girly competition of two (which of course I won).  I have to say that even though the group comp was mega fun .... the whole day from start to finish was a giggle. Even lunch was filled with mad stories of scars, daredevil stunts?!? and prediction of future fun.  The huge grin and reflection giggles didn't leave for a few days...
Can't wait to go back again!
So much fun as the video shows below:   Yes - I am the one in the front! ;o))))