Saturday, 23 April 2016

Training in Norway

A quick zip over to Norway with very limited time on my hands meant that the whole journey was focused, very focused.

When I say focused: some of the activities that I carried out was in the middle of the night ... standing in very windy conditions holding my hands out with the sole aim of trying (although sadly conditions were comparitively very warm and wet) to recreate Antarctica as best I could. So why? I hear you ask .... standing in windy conditions in the middle of the night?

Well, it was to test gloves. I had 10 different types.... and after an hour or so standing in the snow getting as cold as I could ... then warming my hands up as quickly as I could ... the selection of gloves were chosen 😀. 

Other tests including how much weight I could pull at this stage of training, which working gloves, what was my 'biting point' before I slid down the hill, what does down hill skiing look like with x2 pulks/sleds on the back, rope tying, testing inreach links with social media and maps, turning sleds, putting up the new tent on my own (in wind 😀), test new boots and skies, harness testing, which foods (although this will be tested further on trail), which flasks (i narrowed it down to two '24 hour flasks' and there was definately a difference in heat between the both after 26 hours). The list goes on. 

Of course one of the most pressing consideration was my need to decide the big one: after pulling over 120kg (not including sleds and rope weight) with 5.5 months of training left .... what will my strategy of 'getting to the south pole and back' look like. All I can say, the very real conversation that (stripped back everything to the basics) I had with myself driving back from Hagaustol was interesting and yes, it was captured, in part, on camera.

But I am pleased to say, the final cosh has come down and the plan has turned a shade of stone grey. Relief, thats for sure and a few more ticks on my 'to do list'. 

Monday, will be a busy day. 


Saturday, 2 April 2016

New Facebook page

I have just opened a new public Facebook page where I will be able to update this blog (or the new webpage to come) and Facebook at the same time.

Please feel free to look me up @ Emma Tamsin Kelty ..... The polar picture should give it away ... Hope to see you there.