Monday, 30 December 2013

Another year has sailed passed

This year has passed in a flash! Fond memories are gathered, put in the 2013 folder followed quickly with the annual rolling of the dice and bucket list selection - dib dib dib! ;o)))

2013 has been a grounding family focused year, pebbles, leaks, PES, LFMR and of course OJWHC ohhh and the bush made centre stage! ;o))))  Discerning is a good word for 2013 ... far more discerning....

How funny then that many years ago all I wanted to do was create and build a school with a unique philosophy with what I would see as ' the right way'... the 'best way'. Kid dreams are always good to reflect on....

Anyway, 2014 has to beat the 200+ mile coast to coast  solo trot in 7.5/7 days and the hilarious street luging that has been carried forward again into 2014 (yes it was that fun!).  Eyes to the sky has to be the theme for 2014 ....

Already booked for 2014 is learning how to make sushi in January (;o)) yes I know!), getting back into the driving seat at Silverstone, a spot of gliding in March and of course this year has to be the return to the mountain trails and skydiving arena that have been neglected for far too many months. I still haven't quite planned the summer holidays yet - there is a mountain and/or very long trek with my name on it ..... I just haven't found it .................yet!

So, even before 2013 comes to a close ....this year, I am more than prepared than ever for 2014! ;o)))

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