Saturday, 6 December 2014

frostbite 35 😄

Today was the day to test the hill legs across the Yorkshire dales ..... at the start of the day I though it was going to be a 30 miler ... but by the end of the day - it became clear that 35 miles was the real distance 😄. This is the second race that the number of miles have increased!! Great to do even if there was a lot of climbing/walking making it slower... although my feet were and are in pieces .... my muscles had a lot more to give .... definitely time to get a made to measure/ perfect fitting trail shoe .... as it was definitely the blisters that held me back on this trot.

Blisters started forming at mile 4 .... probably the earliest that they have ever formed ... but that's ok, 4 less nails to manicure ( I wonder if I will get a discount??😄😄 ) and performing mini blister ops on the feet are now reasonably executed these days 😄😰. The first cut off point was at mile 10 with 3 hours being the cut off time (because of the hills) ... but I was really chuffed that I got in at the 2 hour mark.

The ultra was superbly organised from start to finish, food, arrows ( so even I couldn't get lost), map, a wee tiple at mile 20, ultra friendly marshals who even after a day of standing at the top of the windy hills and moors had an amazing greeting all the way 😄 , soup and cake at the finish ... definitely one to go back again to.

Sadly I didn't take my camera .... so lots of missed opportunities for scenic shots but luckily others took theirs 😄.

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