Friday, 12 August 2016

5 miles away from Wick!

ButOYes, that's right, even though I thought i was 20 miles away from Wick, it turns out that it was only 5! Nee bother ... It was good to sleep with the cows.

I must say, the Scottish seem to love the sign on the bike, lots of beebs and waves. People will stop me and ask if I am actually going to the South Pole and then proceed to say that I must be a wee hardy thing or ... So hardy... Lovely sounding word from the Scots. 

Anyway, John O groats I have arrived .... Time to make my way down to Landsend... Although i have to say I met a couple at John O Groats who were super lovely and they explained that they had followed me up to John O Groats and had waited for me to arrive. 

However this blinkin rain and WIND that is closing camp sites and what everyone is talking about as 'never has the weather been like this' etc is making it all the more training for me. I mean at the moment trying to cycle downhill takes just as much effort as going up hill certainly means that non stop effort is required! (Although I did request a little earlier as i nearly came off my bike again, that the wind should just give it up and give me a break - needless to say, he declined my request! Men! ;o) 
Suddenly having a heavy bike and bags that double up as parachutes ...... But its all good training ....

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