Saturday, 6 August 2016

When Facebook comes alive and meeting Lancashire ACF.

With the morning wake up view of this: 
I just knew that it was going to be a great day. I had only 35ish miles to Otterburn camp so I reckoned that i would be there in 3 hours. But these loooooong mile long uphills with sharp down hills contined so I stopped for lunch for an hour, then coffee and pudding at Otterburn mill and although I was temped to seek out another coffee.... The afternoon was disappearing so I headed to the camp.
Ok, so in my mind and ACF was small, consisting of only a few kids and that probably was that. How wrong could I be!
900 strong with 400 attending the summer camp.... And thats only theLancashire  district! But I have to say, I am not surprised. With only a brief insight and snap shot, I wanted to join as a! Sky diving, 100km runs/forced marches, trips abroad... The list goes on. 
However after meeting the staff, what was very evident and clear is that they were extremely dedicated and child focused. These guys were not there just for the military aspect (and adventure training) the social welfare and supporting the cadets to develop themselves was key. A very smooth operation, welloiled and  thought  out with a very distinctivephilosophy  and approachthat didnt include the historical military shout. Blinkin fantastic. I have say that all of the parents and staff should feel extremely proud of their children/ cadet(s) as from what I saw, the maturity of questions and discussions had with individuals were amazing.
But I was there for a reason. My first presentation about the journey to achieving my dream (x3). It was personal and the first time that i have spoken publicaly and  privately about elements of my journey. Ok, so it was a snap shot but it felt great and the cadets (and staff) had plenty of questions. 
The upshot is that I am even keener to explore and develop that area.. So please make contact if you are interested.

But for now its back to the rolling hill roads and passing the Scottish border. 

With my first night in my new hooped bivvi. So contented. 😀

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