Sunday, 14 August 2016

Dead legs....

Mind clearly has had a falling out with the legs today .... Cause no matter what the mind thought .... Those legs werent moving... At all. How I dream of going outfor a  ride on a unladened racer that doesnt have x2 side parachute packs and where i can lean down on the handlebars in order to streamline myself and change my position. But this is training.... And heavy means morework!  

But celebrations!!! Woooohooooo!!! Yeeeeeehhhhhaaaaa! It was amazing. I had 20 metres of wind behind me on a flat bit of road. It felt amazing!! Of course I may have exaggerated the 20m ... In reality it must have been 5 pedals 15m?!... But i felt it and it definately happened....
My second bit of heavenly moment happened in a cafe ... Following a phone call from Chris (thank you Chris ) ... I tucked into : 

Now i am a little partial to the rice crispy/marshmallow thingmegigs .... But these had scottish toffee fudge on top with chocolate to seal it. OH my, oh oh my..... So i took another two to go! (And just eaten them as I set up camp).

Sadly these heavenly crispys did nothing for the legs - which are now uber super tight (i really need to go and get a sports massage). But onwards we went.... With the legs behaving like 2 year olds. 
Until i found my spot for the evening : 

Hidden in the grass ;o) 

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