Thursday, 30 June 2016

Good to go....

I have to say.... I never want to go through the last weekend again. With the £plummeting against the $, a suprise outcome of the Brexit and markets going haywire; suddenly the reality hit, that my dream of going solo to the pole was in serious jeopardy. 
News of no plan, no direction, no pound, no stability but lashings of lies and deceit but all in the name of regaining control meant that even though it cost me dearly, I wasn't prepared to 'see what happens' over the coming weeks/months. Of course it must be remembered that there has been a lot invested already from equipment, training and focus.
So, by 6pm on Friday 1st July, I received the news that the full funds had arrived in the USA.... It's happening ... No turning back now ..... In November 2016 I will be standing alone on the start line at the Hercules Inlet ready to start the 1400 mile (2253km) ski to the South Pole and back. I can't wait.
The journey will be in two parts. The first is the race route from Hercules to the South Pole where only 4 solo women have gone before. This will be unsupported and unassisted. 
At the South Pole, I will pick up a food resupply and return back to the Hercules Inlet - another 700 miles. This distance has not been completed by any solo female. 
The environment will be very harsh with November being notorious for bad weather as it emerges from the dark winter months. High wind, low temps will add to this journey that by distance and going solo - it's already high stakes. 
There is still a lot to be done. So, best I keep going ..... 

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