Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Talk at the the Royal Geographical Society

First time at the Royal Geographical Society and boy was it a good'n.

The evening was filled with heroic people sharing their story but also the hard nose reality of the potential cost to life on these    expeditions.

Death/die/ dead/ died..... Key words that were repeated throughout the evening but was the common thread through the last talk.... I guess it was their way of bringing the room back down to the ground and giving the young hopefuls a sense of responsibility and reality.

Yes, i have visited this area several times and will continue to do so. Minimising risks and variables has been a feature ... and my way of doing this is by reestablishing and stripping things back to the core purpose. 

However in many ways, I am lucky, I have no dependants or job so it makes the rest of the thinking easier.... 

What a very interesting evening 😀

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