Thursday, 2 June 2016


*(Today I recieved a message on my blog from a Guy Davies - and I am hoping that you will leave your contact details so that I can get in touch. *)

Often I am asked 'what do I think about when I am on trail?' Or 
'what will i think about when I spend many weeks on my own at the South Pole?' And its often something about nothing if anything at all for periods of time.   

Nonetheless one example of something that I will think about are things that I see, read or hear: such as: 

'It looks like you've reached the end..'

 along with many other questions, that I hold and take with me on journeys to ponder... Should I wish to think of something. 

Thoughts consider what is 'the end?', could there ever be an end? Is 'the end' a mind set, belief or humans trying to draw a line for their own gain? For some it means death or final stop.... finishing or completing.... but even then, is that really the end? How can that be so? 

For example, i completed LeJog ... But its only part way through the big journey and training and something that will guide my thinking and understanding (and probably actions). On the surface, it looks like I have cycled and hiked from one end of the country to the other. That is true.... but there is just so much more than that I have actually learnt along the way : the state of the roads, how my body reacts, fuel consumption, peoples views, how hungry our cows are, peoples stories and how kind the folk beit shephards, hikers, retired folk, shop owners, trail angels, bird watchers (to name but a few) are across the lands, and I mean pure genuine kindness that is speared by the moment rather than goal or money orientated. 
Its certainly a journey ... And one that I am so thankful for. 

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