Thursday, 31 December 2015

- December 29, 2015 at 06:49PM

29/12/15 11.7nm, flat, could see the horizon for markers (sadly not the ground - so a partial whitout), good surface (ie runners were in use rather than having to pull a snow plough) - great! ..... Except.... A bit of the blues set in today. Absolutely mental block- negative, horrid and counteracted the best conditions that we have had to date. Fustrating. 

On trail not a lot is said so you are just lost in thoughts and as there is not too much to look at in Antarctic (especially like today or in a whiteout). Usually its a great thing to ponder life and the world ... I like it especially with tunes playing in the background.... But today, for the first time, all i could think about was the negative. Ugg. I can only put it down to 'letting the hair down' after the extreme hard work and pushing through for many weeks blues. Similar to a teacher who gets ill on the first week of the school holidays or the time after the trail run or hike stops. I have posted this today 30/12/15 .... After a great, positive day.... Such is life ... But the reality of life out here i guess.

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