Sunday, 20 December 2015

- December 19 2015 at 05:42PM

19/12/15 After probably the best nights sleep since being here, just as we finished brekkie we heard the sound of a plane. Circling overhead. Thoughts that perhaps they were just 'buzzing' overhead on route to the southpole ... But it appeared that they were going to land. Immediately i went through the check. Carl had spoken with his wife the night before, i had my sister so both famillies were ok. Next, i thought that it was due to my polar thigh!!! And they had sent a doc and plane to check and take me away (although very cottonwool lovely ... I was very definate that it would have been overkill and NOT my time to leave). After a couple of circles, just as it looked as though it was going to land ... Out pops a black bag with orange tasells and lands a few 100m from the tent. It was the spare norweign bindings and 40 days worth of cream and dressings for my polar thigh. Now how wonderful was that! Completely unexpected and lovely to also read the jokes and messages on the tassels. So, not picked up today but now have enough supplies and Nor binding for my skis should they give up on route. The guys at Union Glacier are amazing, uber lots of thanks go to Tim - logistics, Jen the Doc, Adam who found the Nor bindings, and the pilots on the twin otter (including the thrower outer) and everyone else that contributed to getting the med supplies etc to us. The rest of the day was spent skiing on the soft stuff that isnt anyones friend out here.... 11.6 nm .... Of energy zapping climb pulling a snow plough behind! But the world is all good, and a more positive one with enough medical supply and binding to safely see me through the next phase!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon Emma rest up if can thinking of you xx