Friday, 11 December 2015

- December 11, 2015 at 04:54PM

Ok, quick summary so far: Passport and near miss deportation, delays in Punta for 2ish weeks Fly out to Antarctica -Union Glacier - another week or so delays due to weather. Never before... Fly to Hercules Inlet (start point) and have to do an about turn back to union glacier (due to weather)..... Maybe likely before but definitely not too often!! Get to Hercules Inlet (Hooray!) ... And have two days of white out, deep powder snow not seen for many years and guess what we now have two days of 45kt gusts /winds upon us .... Making skiing with the sled impossible!! There are of course matters of peewees to add to the mix. But that llliiiiiiiiiitttttttlllleeeeee snowball that started to roll on friday 13th has just got bigger and bigger! Although I have to say, i kinda like it .... Never liked the standard challenge ... But i wonder what is next ...... However more importantly, in return I have met some uber wonderful peeps, had too many giggles to count, flown out to antarctica on the 757, met more amazing peeps at Union Glacier, eaten dream food ... had uber lovely support from family and friends, experienced the weather of Antarctica and totally feel like an explorer and adventurer

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