Friday, 4 December 2015

close part 3 - December 04, 2015 at 04:09PM

10.15 am order to get ready - we were flying at 10.45. By 10.30am my pulk/sled was on the plane following the last photos. 11.15am everyone was on the plane after saying the last goodbyes (yep my weakness again -god darn it!) .... And we were off. Wooohooooooo! Hercules Inlet here we come. I have to say, as we took off feelings were overwhelming .... Fily.... Its at moments like this that I know that my last message and correspondence would be to my father ...moreso as we had spoken many times of this dream.... But onward ... Looking forward as always.... 12.00 there were some shaking of heads and hand slicing the neck. Sadly the 'hole' was no longer and the pilots weren't able to fly/land as there isnt a runway there (nor guides, station, flares etc) so pilot vision is important!

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