Thursday, 31 December 2015

30/12/15 - December 30, 2015 at 06:44PM

Woooohoooo ..... 13.1nm in 8 hours. Great surface and something that we should have had since the beginning. There werent any trenches being made we could see the ground and even the horizon!! Woohoo!!

So, I have been given a deadline of getting to the south pole by the 3rd feb. Gulp! Loadsa time you would think but taking that the first 3 degrees were the 'worse ever' ....( And I have to completely agree now that I have had a day on a surface that should be the norm... ) Who knows what can happen in the next 7 degrees. Gulp again. Baseline is that I will need to ski (no matter what the conditions, stagugi?!, hill, wind, snow, cold or level of tiredness... is 11.5nm per day, everyday until the end (aka no breaks). Tomorrow we will start hour stints, take a break away and maybe do 9 hour skiing....all at speed.... Gulp again! So, today, we are replanning .... aiming to do a degree every 5 days, get to the next resupply (half way in 6 days) and talking of changing the days to 20 hours rather than 24hours. Furthermore I am also up for 'night skiing' and round the clock skiing in the last week, cause darn it.... I need to get to the south pole! On this trip... every barrier that could be put in place has been ... weather, delay, delays, delays, polar thigh, coughs, colds, whiteouts, deep snow, more snow than ever before, extra weight..... the list goes on!! But darn it again.... I will try my darndest right to the bitter end.... just before I am dragged, kicking and screaming onto the plane (if its before the 3rd). Crazy days!!! .... Unless of course there is a super kind person out there that would agree to pay the £140,000?!? needed to put on a special chartered flight to pick me up post the 3rd Feb? Just in case there is ... Please make contact with A.L.E directly (no harm in asking i guess). Or indeed, if anyone would like to pay/sponsor my solo attempt in November 2016 (same amount) ... Then I would be truely grateful in uber amounts!

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