Sunday, 6 December 2015

- December 06, 2015 at 04:33PM

And up, up and more up.... so thank goodness we dont have full sleds nor deep snow!! I was warned that getting out of Hercules Inlet was kinda steep... As the diagram shows below: 

Funny yesterday and today we have only done about 5.9 miles /9.5 km ... 420 elevation .... But as an ultra *cough* runner or someone who was averaging around 33-36 miles a day over the PCT hills ...6 miles seems ridiculas. But its darn hard work - a 70kg+ sled being pulled up hill (see diagram above) on loose deep snow with 'wind snow hills' just to add to the challenge is kinda tough. Oh, and how could i forget.... The brrr cold wind blowing constantly into the face!! Its definately tougher than anything that i have done to date. But..... I love it. Yes, its hard work, yes it is cold (frost bite is always near), yes you sweat (although you try not to), yes the pulk/ sled is heavy, yes the snow collects in front of the sled is a tad frustrating, yes the wind is constant ... .... But i simply love being out here, in the middle of nowhere, its so different, so peaceful ... So perfect. Happily back on trail... Happy days

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