Sunday, 20 December 2015

- December 20, 2015 at 02:20PM

20/12/15 And stop. Its been 8 days since our last break/rest and boy am I feeling it. This soft snow is really taking its toil. Its like heavy cross country skiing off piste pulling a snow plough behind, for 7 hours a day plus 70 min break (10min break every 50 min) a day. As a pair, slowing up or stopping mid flow is difficult/ frustrating and in short timings are not flexible. So today was the day that i started to ski 1.2nm per hour, every lift of the ski to get over the next bump, snow pile or whatever it maybe (cause today there wasnt any definition again) required masses of effort. So I called it a day.... After 2 hours of skiing, today. Although my stubborn head screams in frustration and throws personal insults at myself for stopping... my sensible and realistic side repeatedly reminds myself that I am in brutal conditions, gone through brutal weather conditions from the start, carried extra weight from the first full day and havent yet experienced even one hour of 'good' crispy floor surface that a sled and skis would glide over that would be the norm in past years and would provide a welcome break from trudging through soft snow that just keeps on falling!!! Darn it!!! . Deepends and challenge is the name of the game but yes, i still love this challenge and tomorrow i will have new legs.... Cant wait. Time for more sleep... Night xx

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