Tuesday, 27 December 2016

rest evening

Ahhhhh sooo lovely. This pm I had a rest, ate a tonne of food!?!, had a snooze, caught up with blog and well, just relaxed and didn't ski!

Suns out, nil wind and well - what a great finish to the 'interesting' day (yep... another story to tell).

The South Pole is now only a few days away, its definitely getting colder with a wee bit more ice to pull off the face mask and coat. But it is really exciting to be so close.

This remote solo trip has among many other things already taught me that even though I enjoy and yes, need solo time; family and friends (new and old) are very important people in my life. Without their company, supportive messages and support of this and other adventures I have been on, I probably would have found it harder.... a lot harder.

However one of the benefits of having this 'solo time' is that it has given me more time to think about things such as where I want to take my life next, what i do and reflect on habits (good and bad). One thing that I have thought about a great deal is a 'great' habit of trying to distance myself from those I care about in times when I become unsure of the outcome - as a way to protect them (and in part I) but what has been a very lovely realisation is that they seem to know that too and will wait.... patiently with understanding.... but it doesnt make it right. I am sorry. Something to work on eh?

There is so much that I want to say about this remote solo time - it has been a comfort but equally it has pushed so many boundaries, fears but also reaffirmed many things too. The last couple of years have been the amazing - (and worst too), but I have met (and virtually met) some of the most wonderful, interesting and lovely people on this planet; and I am truely grateful. I know I have said this before.... but if you cant say the same or something similar - then you probably need some time out too.

Oh, and did you know you can even get Polar thigh on your knee?? I didn't realise that you could. Funniest of things.

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