Sunday, 11 December 2016

I have just arrived at the half way point to the pole. Its so very close... i need to be at the South Pole by 31st December if there is any chance of me having time to make the return journey - 300nm to go. I am fine, fit and well ... and even after many days without tunes, mentally strong (even though I am unlikely to want to cross-country ski for some months, oh and why is it i find myself in a more rigid routine than ever before!!! - my hell!!)

However, its all about timing and i have to say, if there wasnt that 2-3 week delay in Punta and at Union Glacier ... i would be very confident at this time. So, its in the lap of the gods....... i will continue ... plodding along at a healthy pace so that I can make the return journey (there is no point racing and skiing night and day - as that wont let me return). I really hate this time pressure though... i am not competitive with myself, another or in this case TIME!!! I just want to complete this challenge ...

P.s my treat tonight was to have x2 freeze dried dinners... uber full (one was plenty) ..... but yum oh so good!! Great to over indulge ... just this once

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