Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Starting to get messages through - thank you everyone for sticking with this and its great to know that folks are interested.
If I start with your message Sue - you want to hear about the mundane? I have to say, it is all very very mundane and that is half the challenge - to get up every morning and ski a distance no matter what the weather and how tired you feel. Taking the day off because the blisters are playing up, you're tired, the wind is howling and adding to the effort of dragging a pulk (and yourself) across the strugi is not an option (although i did swap my routine a couple of days ago because i hadnt slept during the night - but it them made for a very very long ski!
The strugi is super crazy, and although I have already climbed over 4000ft, stepping up, over and down these strugi .... the elevation climbed must be x10000 more!
But what does my day look like? Lets start with the am.
My alarm goes off at 6am and its up (sit up in the sleeping bag and moan that it really cant be that time again) and slip into the ski wear. There is definitely an art to it... changing in a sleeping bag, half asleep and making sure everything is the right side out. Depending on what i hear (wind howling/ blowing snow/silence/feel the sun on the tent) - will depend on what layers i will put on.
When dressed and boots are on, i start with breakfast and heating up the days water. I will take some photos .....


  1. Pleased it is going well. Chin up and remember you could be at work! ;o) David M X

  2. Emma you are so positive and writing like you are on your Hols. I feel cold when I and reading your post, so I don't think I am getting a true idea of how you are coping, well with the temperature away. I know your photos will shock me and give me an insight into your journey. I also know you are keeping Strong and painting a good picture for us. You are one Fantastic lady and I am glad for your adventure. I believe you are winning and people who win get rewarded. Just think if you want to be the best and you want to beat the rest, Record Breakers is what you need. Sing this in your head, as this is you and you are breaking records and making History. Ski, Ski, Ski, Ski :)