Tuesday, 20 December 2016

So, i was a little late getting out of bed. Nae matter.... it was blue sky and the sun was out.... my lateness would be made up.
Well, that would have been true ... except as i put on my skies.... i noticed a quick moving cloud on the ground moving my way.
Yep, freezing fog to entertain me... i even had snow hoars on my compass strap on. Everything had a layer of ice!! For most of the rest of the day, I had the continued joy of no or poor visibility - the photo was taken after a few hours of no sky. This strip of blue gave me a reference point to ski to.
Apparently, today was meant to be 'blue sky and nil wind'..... err clearly not in my world!!!


  1. OH!!! I've just noticed this box b. Is it these comments you see rather than FB? You're doing brilliantly, sounds so tough and yet you get up and plod on everyday. Enjoy it all -,everything you're missing back here will still be here,, nothing's changed no rush. You're living your dream xxxx

  2. Kezban is Caroline btw!! Storm Barbara has arrived here - or she's on her way Enjoy blue skies! X