Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I have really loved reading some of the messages that have been passed through. You have all made my day. Stephen - even the lovely Doc thinks I am bonkers .... but the freeze dried food IS amazing...but i spent time cycling around the uk trying out different combos - so yes, they are good.
Mr Drew - always the supportive - hows the park ?? xxx
Karen - there have been many times that I have thought of the boxing class - as I try to 'find the rhythm' .... and yes, day 30 means that I hope i have lost a stone already. Still got some more to lose though
Veronica - thank you for your support - very welcomed after a hard day today (although no change there).
Nikki - aaaawwweeeew a m&s beef wellington - i have spent the last 5 days firstly hoping that the lovely and amazing fuel engineers would be at theils again cause this time last year they cooked the most amazing roast and beer!!! - sadly they weren't.... gutted. What I would do now for a beef wellington or roast.....
thank you lewis - whenever i see a comment from you I cant help but smile with happy reflections.
Dada - hmmm we may have a competition arising ... out here there arent any smells.... but I can smell myself - no shower for a month, no change of clothes and with 10hours of hard exercise a day ........ coupled with that my bed is my kitchen, living room and dining room ... so a few crumbs around
Hey Caroline - where are you in the world now?

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