Sunday, 1 January 2017

last degree before I hesd back..

Wooohoooo- I am now in the last degree... crossed over this am. Means that there is only 60nm to the Pole.
I should have crossed over into the last degree last night but, yep, you've guessed it - another pm of white out and lots of snow (that was the point that I decided I would pick it up again tomorrow/ today).

60nm will take 4 days even with the very warring cough that continues to blight speed - as the temperature decreases and altitude increases ... of course my little cough will make more noise - its very annoying but not unsurmountable and when I start on the downhill, breathing will be way easier to regulate unlike this continuous uphill!! Even now!

I have to say, i have clearly blocked out these final miles from last years memory (not good). I remember the surface being hard, flat and great to ski on. So why am I ankle/calf deep in snow??

Although this is sent today, this was written a couple of days ago. I am now in mid degree 89 - just 36nm from pole. I had to take the pm/evening off as in short my body has just done the 'enough' and time out /sleep please as I continue to be bouncing up and down from 1756 to 1800m and back again. All this hidden elevation coupled with the additional soft snow that my pulk seems to resist - it really is like pulling a deadweight from the hips!! (Not that i have ever pulled a deadweight before).

The return is very much on my mind ....


  1. Great you're so close! Best wishes for everything! And if you have time/energy to do a little meditation at the South Pole, that would be neat. I and all your friends are so happy for the progress you've made through so many difficulties.

  2. You are doing really well. I hope you can stay Strong with the cough. I know in my heart you will complete the return. Make History and make the world so proud. Look after yourself and keep making good decisions. Massive Hug sent your way xxx