Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The return...

Ok, so things have changed somewhat over the last couple of days. I know that there will be some who will be disappointed in the following but shouldn't be because I am not (albeit a little frustrated at having the bad luck of delays at the beginning - but that is out of my hands).

I have had to reconsider all of the information that I have. The return journey of 700 miles would need to be completed in 21 (20) days. That is the cut off date of the company that has the base camp and provides radio support etc. Therefore I would need to be skiing and pulling a pulk, yes down hill, approx 30miles a day, everyday even in bad weather or white outs. This journey so far: a 1/4 of the journey where I have re-enacted 'blind bambi on skies' have been in white out and/or very poor viz.... and we all know, with my track record of luck, what would happen when I returned! (Things really dont happen in three's with me).

My time over the last couple of weeks or so has been hampered by a lung infection, that has now been resolved by a course of antibiotics and running out of food (yes, story in a book to follow). Although I kept the daily milage steady - it impacts in other ways.

There is also a small point that each day of the return would cost me an additional $2000 a day - a very large sum for something that I would not be able to finish nor use for another adventure.

I am well (although needed some rest), confident that If i had just one more week that I could had done the return as I still have excess body weight to give the return (darn it cause that also means that thats me back in the gym again!!) but really the cost of keeping camp open for an additional week (megga $$$) is just not possible. So, i am going to cut my losses, be pleased with being the 6th woman in world history to ski solo to the South Pole(the most extreme place in the world) and use the money to fund another project/adventure.

I have loved this solo challenge and it has given the confidence to look at some more extreme places in the world to try... so the journey is not over... but what i know, the world first is not happening in Antarctica.

Finally, I could have arrived at pole a day or so ago but want to savour this solo experience so skiing minimal amounts until my food runs out. I should arrive at Pole on the 5th. .... delighted and filled with stories and challenges that this journey has provided. I hope you will celebrate with me. That is of course unless something majorly goes wrong in the next 17miles!!!

For those reading this who maybe disheartened, dont be. I am not a professional, i dont work in the industry, just a simple plain Jane who likes to give things a go. To sum that up - I have enjoyed ultra running in my spare time (aka running 35, 40 or even 50 miles in a day) - but I am hopeless at it (but i like it) ... anyway the day that I was flown to the start line .... i was sat opposite the guy who won the same three ultra races of which I came last. Although he was part of a selected team, who were super fast ..... we both made it to the South Pole from the Hercules INLET ...... now that is funny and demonstrates that if I can do it .... so can you. Xx

P.s what I also think is funny (and for those who want to see a first), i may hold the 'oldest solo female' record to ski to the South Pole - it maybe just for a few moments ..... but there it is. The oldest, slowest ultra runner and exheadteacher (the list can go on) to ski solo to the South Pole .... now thats even funnier!! .... but I will make it and would do it again tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a good plan. You have done amazing job so far, well done Jonathan

  2. Dear Emma well done for your amazing endeavour I've been following you avidly xx have been really ill so not replying but haven't missed a post... you are incredible xx masses of new year hugs and admiration to you xxx

  3. God Love you Emma. So Proud of your Journey, touched by your motivation and Drive. You are not just a Plain Jane, your a Bridget Jones and we Love you. So Brave for what you have achieved and you have made History. Write the Book and educate the world on your adventures. Take Care, Get Well Soon.