Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Life back in the Uk has been slightly different to what I was expecting. Unfortunatelty my polar thigh got infected and meant that trips to medical establishments have been necessary and a lifetime of videos have had to be watched. Usually by this stage, I would have attended the royal festival hall to immerse myself back into the sounds and pulses of the classical music - something that I now associate with home- but until now that hasn't been possible. Nonetheless, on Thursday, yes tomorrow, I return once more to the RFH for an evening of Bruckner's Symphony No 5 with Philharmonia Orchestra ... and I can't wait.

The journey is over and real life kicks back in one more time ..... but before I put the final fullstop on the chapter, I would like to thank everyone who has supported this journey on many different levels each playing a very important part that got me to the Pole. Looking back now after listing key events of the jouney, with all of the challenges that were presented before, during and after the journey - its a wonder that I made it to the pole at all. However equally it shows how instrumental your support and kind words were. Thank you. 

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