Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Time flies!!!!!! Really

Gosh doesn't time fly... it's been 3 weeksish since I flew away from the ice. Over the last few weeks I have had an enforced rest even though my body just wants to hit the trails and carry on the intense exercise. Sadly with my polar thigh, that was 'under control and being managed' on the ice, got infected whilst back in camp.

I was initially told it would take about a year to clear up.... but I am very relieved to say that I am giving my legs just one more week to completely heal.  To think of the mess that they were in as I hit Punta Arenas clinic - the wonders of the body strike again.

But I have to say, I have already moved on from my Antarctica adventure - it's already been packed away into yet another chapter of my life. This has been needed as I am already focused, planned and putting into action my next adventure. Oh dear!

True to form, it, of course,  has to be a step up from the previous - a challenge, an adventure and a way of finding my breaking point. The cold, baron and most extreme place in the world didn't break me - far from it. So, my next adventure had to try the opposite. What?? I hear you ask....

A place that's hot, humid, teaming with dangerous wild life and people with machetes/guns and moving water. Guess that's the jungle .... and just to take it to a different level (beyond my experience) - I will be kayaking down the River Amazon from source to sea all 4000+ miles of it. Oh and did I mention that I am aiming to do it solo (although for safety reasons I may have an interpreter with me for the notorious section to help me negotiate the 'deals' with the drug lords or 'organ harvesting folks'! Whether I take this option remains to be seen.

So, I have two windows, the first in September 2017 or the second in March 2018 .... I want the September start of course but that depends if I can raise funds and sponsors. There is of course the need to develop my training and make sure that level 5 white water kayaking is strong and I am capable.

So, after the disappointment of only skiing solo to the South Pole (rather there and back due to delays at the start), the excitement begins again as I focus on my next challenge.

Already it's started, I have booked my lessons in kayaking, booked a course on self defence, trying to finalise a recce of the jungle  in march,  and (oh yes, I have to wait a week more) the fitness training will begin. What I can guarantee though, is that for the next year ... I will be spending a lot of time in the water 😀😀 thank goodness I am a 'fish' - hopefully the water will give me a little bit more luck than the last one 😀😀 

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