Sunday, 22 May 2016

Storm Wilson and getting on my bike..

It just gets better 😀. After taking the train out of Inverness back to Kinbrace ...and apart from one of my bike bags snapping as I got off the train (that I was very lucky to get on) 

... the sun was out and I had a great 40 mile ride with several people stopping me in my tracks to chat and donate. People are so interesting and so lovely, altogether 10 people have approached me to have a chat in the last 24 hours. 

However at about 6.30pm the sky taps were turned on and it didnt stop until 6pm the next day. 

Needless to say my not very waterproof bivvi tent (less poles this time) meant a night in the rain, the day (with storm wilson) meant that the 70ish mile ride included thunder and lightning and yes, I am going in the wrong direction so yes, I am going into wind!  But its all good fun at the moment especially now that my bivvi tent is in a bin somewhere on the A9 along with the 10 days worth of supply of food. In short this means that my bike is now not wanting to do back wheelies at standstil. So that has to be good. The day was finished off with a good dinner and company....
Today (Sunday) was an easy ride of 30 flat miles to Fort William (the sun is trying to shine) with Caroline who kindly joined me for this section along the canal. 

 At Fort William I will pick up my new trail shoes (that fit) .... It feels like Christmas so I may stay the day and Ben Nevis or something ... But

Hopefully with the sun out it means that I can use my camera and start taking a few pictures ... 

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