Friday, 13 May 2016

Made it to Wales ... Time to flip flop

So great to make it to the right bridge over to Wales. It took a couple of very long road days to get here but it was the most direct (but probably the harshest on the feet). 

This now means that I am in the position to flip flop up to John O Groats and make my way back to this bridge 😀.

So why? Well there are three reasons 1) There is a wee gathering off trail on the otherside of the country 2) I need to get back to Surrey for a charity walk and with the time it will take to get back from 'somewhere in Scotland' or even John O Groats it makes sense to finish or come off trail mid country rather than the remote moors. 3) there are friends and places I would like to visit or spend time with so this arrangement means that I can do this. 

So, flip flop ... My first one ever ...


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