Thursday, 19 May 2016

And change...

So, I flipped upto John O Groats ... Spent 2 days climbing deer fences, wadding through peet bogs and sleeping in a not so waterproof bivvi tent whilst hiking for a good 30+ish miles per day but finding that I was not muscle tired - far from it.  

Keeping the feet in a constant state of white pruneness... The blisters are in full swing and I have had to revert back to what the 'purpose of this trail is' and weigh up how much recovery time will be needed post 'carrying on for 800 more wet miles'. This was not my challenge for the year, nor can I afford having time out of the fitness training regime for blisters and what am I doing with my time if its not pushing me physically? The prirority is not completing Lejog, its the exercise inbetween.

But I dont like not finishing something .... So a different tack is needed. I should highlight that my key purpose was fitness training and building up the hard 'exercise for 12 hours per day'. 

So I have got onto a train, heading down to Inverness with the hope of 'drying out' and purchasing a bike before training it back to the same train station and carrying on.

Even though the original plan was to hike up and cycle back... It seems now that I will do a mix.... Which also allows for time to do another perhaps in sunnier climates  over the summer. Perfect.

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