Friday, 13 May 2016

First week of hiking Landsend to John O Groats LeJog

So about a week and a half ago I started on the 1200mile hike from Landsend to John O Groats with a little bit of the 'Ive done the 2600mile hike across the USA so this should be easy' attitude. 

Big mistake! Never, never, never should I ever take that view point and it was something that disappeared from my thoughts after day 1 on the coastal path! Hmm the coastal path... It conjures up images of dramatic views of cliffs, sea air and waves crashing across the rocks (placing yourself standing in one spot looking out... And I suspect that there is a reason for that). 
The reality was more like climbing up and down the rock staircases all day with more land nooks than I have ever appreciated when colouing in maps of the UK at primary school. Slow, slow, slow with little feeling of moving forward (with the number of nooks). However with blue sky all week it has added to my bank of coastal imagery. 

Nonetheless, move I have and now that I am in my third county I am hopeful that the pace should quicken..... unless of course my bivvi tent pegs decide to go for a drive across England in order to stay dry ... again. Aww bless, how I love and giggled at the non flapping wet tarp on the face all night again.... Ohhh Exmoor ... Oh pegs.... 😀

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