Saturday, 28 May 2016

Its all going by far too quickly!!

Just 2 more days and its over! By 7.30pm on Tuesday, I will be back and sitting in The Royal Festival hall enjoying a bit of Beethoven. I have to say, I am desparately missing music after my ipod refused to work after a downpour on day 1... This is something that I need to sort out before I head out to do the solo - music features so much in my life (especially as i dont have a tv), so i really notice it when the music stops playing. 

Today was great (and yesterday) just cruzing along the lanes and roads (ok with the rolling hills in-between) with the sun out - it really does make a difference and I definately need to do more cycling... (Especially if i can sort out the bivvi situation! 


  1. Hi did you get a message from me yesterday? It was longer than this one! Anyway best of luck!

    1. Hi Guy,
      Sadly your last message didnt get through.... If yoy can send it through again either here or facebook. Many thanks Em