Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Easy day..., again

Oh my, i think even a non waterproof bivvi is better than heading into accomodation at the end of the day.... And I think that I am starting to go soft!! 
 Today was relaxed, short and well I feel uber lazy. 55miles, a stop for breakfast (or full scottish 😀), another stop for coffee and I was in my accomodation by 3pm!! So lazy and tomorrow it stops! 

Today i had a few car cruzers... One who was on the duel carrage way who tried to gain information about my sign. Its kinda scary riding along, trying to have aconversation and making sure that I keep on the road. As it is still early dayswith  my bike ... Multi tasking is not something that I should be doing at this stage 😀

Another incident was whilst I stopped for coffee... When I came out ... Someone had left a £1.00 coin on my bike... So lovely 😀😀

But Glasgow .... I arrived 😀😀

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