Tuesday, 5 January 2016

- January 03, 2016 at 06:14PM

30 days from today .... I will have either made it to the south pole or not. Gulp. We will be just over the halfway point in 3 days time and completed another degree .... A quick resupply and hoping to guzzel some fresh food..... Ohhh and maybe a drop of wine/gin/beer (although unlikely).... Maybe. Usually on trail i crave beer/fosters ..... And that continues .... But sadly unlike the PCT ... There are no garages, towns, village shops to pop into on route! And i didnt bring anything with me.... I just hope my liver and kidneys really appreciate the break! Today was a steady 13.5ish nm, good weather, blue skyish.... All good apart from the old squitters .... But good news the old battle with the cough is being won .... Yep, so the barriers continue.... But not unsurmountable at the moment. I keep on saying 'well its good to get these things out the way now ..... Sort of!! We passed theiels hills ... So definately on route to theiels corner (resupply) .... In 3 days time .... (That is just passed the halfway point).

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