Saturday, 9 January 2016

9/1/16 - January 09, 2016 at 05:29PM

Uggg .... 13nm but it felt like i was pulling a lorry today. Shoulders and neck were playing up but .... Nae matter ... 13nm with the magic hill and a 0.5 nm magical detour ... I was happy with the end result. I had a look at the photo that i took last night of the 'mammouth white wall' that we were skiing towards for many nm's ... Sadly it doesnt give the true eye perception of the mirage, and a mirage it wasish .... As the photo this am proved.... But by'eck (ha ha the northern accent is rubbing off a little) it was hard pulling the lorry up that hill (gentle that it was). Wind is likely to be up tomorrow am 25kts gusting (darn it... I am not ready for a rest) ... So hoping to ski through the evening ... But there is a litttttlllle bit of persuasion needed i think..


  1. Hello Tamsin
    I'm trying to get a happy new year message to you! Doing it,via my friend Miriam. Following you closely. With love from

  2. If this gets through, Kate and Alan send lots of love and are following you closely. What a Herculean undertaking! Good luck with the hill. Miriam