Friday, 22 January 2016

22/1/16 - January 22, 2016 at 07:13PM

New guide, Patchi, who arrived yesterday, has been a star by stepping into the breech at the last minute, dropped into the middle of Antarctica to pull a sled over sustrugi and face -29 degrees with 8-10kts wind chill added to it! All so that I can continue the journey to the South Pole! Many thanks go again to ALE who I cant thank enough! Things should get better, apart from the -31 degrees (with further cooling with the wind chill), cloud and snow that will arrive tomorrow!!! I have to say, this journey has been full of 'challenges, bad luck and barriers' .... but I cant help but smile ... Cause I am STILL here and still travelling.... at the moment ... AND we are now in the 88th degree.... So only 2 degrees left to do! 120nm left. We did have to get the group shelter out today as I got a tad cold with the wind chill! But all was well very quickly so that we could continue on our way. Hmmm and key equipment for the solo journey (I hope this November) are 'handwarmers!' A must have in my books and so great to try them out today for the first time

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