Thursday, 7 January 2016

7/1/16 - halfway point! - January 07, 2016 at 05:14PM

So lovely and completely unexpected that we saw and spent a lovely evening and morning with Dave, Ben, Ben, Shane and Geoff who I met at Queenstown airport, just by chance, en-route to Wanaka to complete some polar training in New Zealand. How small a world is that!!??!! 

After a full roast and pudding last night washed down by a couple of beers - i have to say it has recharged the batteries somewhat. Moreso as this am breakfast (pancakes, BACON and EGGs) washed down with REAL coffee was just too good. Sensory and tastebud overload... And I had to chew the food! Sounds kinda strange ... But freeze dried food out here is soft, soft and soggy! 

After a lie-in this am (until 9am), a breakfast to die for and a couple of visits to the toilet due to the novelty of being able to sit down on a seat/toilet (bizzare what becomes exciting again), the rest of the am (until 2pm) was spent sorting out the food resupply for the rest of the trip and saying a fond farewell to the very lovely ALE guys who were dropping off more plane fuel at Theils. 

I really dont think that they will know how much of an impact they all had on kindness, morale, food and company. I am truely grateful to them all. 3.5 hours with heavy sled took us 6nm this pm ... So in 3 hours of ski time (with heavy sled) we were on 2nm/hour.... So a promising start!

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