Tuesday, 5 January 2016

4/1/16 5/1/16 - January 05, 2016 at 05:12PM

Squits squits squits. Sadly although i was keen to carry on ... Having to stop on trail (with little warning) is difficult and frustrating..... So 4 hours in ... We had to stop. What next!! Fully medicated, was out cold for 4 hours and since then things have improved.... With today 5/1/16 being the first time for a couple of days of not wanting to constantly dash to the windy and uber cold toilet in the snow.... and there is of course a wee bit of comedy action trying to remove layers (see polar strip tease below) and skies in super quick fashion! Surely the luck has to change sometime??!!! Uphill, sastrugi , bitter cold and windy was the order for today. I was really pleased that i had my uber warm wool mitts! A god send when you see fingers turn white within seconds..... Kinda scary and knowing that it will only get colder .... Lets hope the wool continues to do what it has been! We stop every hour and for max 10 min- this is the time to shovel down food and water to get through the next hour. However, blessing that we can stop but there is a double edge sord with it. Stop in the bitter wind ... you freeze ... or the sweat does!!!

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