Thursday, 1 September 2016

Time is flying! Less than 2 months..

A week has gone by already and it was only meant to be a couple of days pit stop to sort out a few bits and pieces! 

However as I have entered into the final 2 month count down, I just need to pull everthing together and get it sorted. I just cant believe that in less that 2 months I will be skiing all the way to the South Pole and back on my own, all 1460miles of it. I really cant wait! The excitement has doubled since the last time but so has the healthy nerves!! 

But alas preparation is the key, so the sewing machine has come out and peg bags, facemasks, tent bag and snow skirts (ok so I havent finished yet) are all coming together and the sewing machine is still in one piece... even after a great boxing session.  

Ok, so the third mask went a little wonky.... 

But who is going to see it (ok, apart from you!!).

 I think I may have linked my blog with facebook.... *Drum roll*.... Which means when I am on the ice, my blog and pictures will be sent directly to the Facebook  page ( Now this may not be a blessing .... We shall see...

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